Server IP has changed !

(Updated on November 10, 2015)


Central Park GANG Wars mod on IV:MP 0.1 T3 moved to a more powerfull server.
New server IP:

Back to game dudes !

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To begin with this mod, a 60 seconds trailer could be a good introduction :D


Then read the following posts to know more about this mod…

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IV: Multiplayer (IV:MP) is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: IV (GTA:IV) founded in late 2009. It turns GTA:IV into an alternative multiplayer game. You can play over the internet (or LAN). You will need the original GTA:IV PC game in order to play IV:MP.

How to play ?

Gun Bullet Install GTA IV pc Game

Gun Bullet Install GTA IV Patch 7

Gun Bullet Install IV:MP 0.1 T3 client

(You may also need xliveless.dll)

Then run iv:mp client and connect to:



How to play ? - Notices Notices:

- Before connecting, don’t forget to change your name in the settings.

- First attempts to connect often fail, just retry and be patient, files are downloaded to your client when you are frozen to the Statue of Happyness.

- More informations on how to play ivmp:

How to play ? - First attempt First connection:

If the connection is successful, choose a /team and register by typing:

/register <password>

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us.

Or type your question in the in game chat a admin or the Helper can help you.

More informations about “How to play” on our button-forum.

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In 2024, Liberty City is a Jungle, you will need the protection of a gang to evolve in a hostile environment where war rages territories. The landscape is apocalyptic, nevertheless you can decide your future: work honestly and / or participate in races and stunts then invest money in business,  or just spread terror on enemy territories with weapons and drugs.
Whatever your choice, dark side or not, you’ll have to play often and intelligently to earn money without which you’ll become a poor drunk tramp quickly. With this money you will possess cars, houses, drugs, weapons … and you will be respected or feared by the whole city.

Below is a map of the server with its legend. Blip colors are changing, it depends which gang owns business. This is just an example. Click on the map to zoom it.

Map of Central Park GANG Wars Server

Central Park GANG Wars Map

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Each gang is characterized by a logo. Six gangs are available, click logos to learn more about gangs features.

Cops Gang Girls Gang Jamaicans Gang Mafia Gang Drug Dealers Gang Gangsters Gang
Cops Girls Jamaicans Mafia Drug-Dealers Gangsters
Liberty City

A new gang is available for admins and donators: Angels Of Death bikers gang !
Click HERE to discover this awesome VIP gang.

More informations about “Gangs” on our button-forum and on this button-youtube playlist.

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