IV: Multiplayer (IV:MP) is a modification for Grand Theft Auto: IV (GTA:IV) founded in late 2009. It turns GTA:IV into an alternative multiplayer game. You can play over the internet (or LAN). You will need the original GTA:IV PC game in order to play IV:MP.

How to play ?

Gun Bullet Install GTA IV pc Game

Gun Bullet Install GTA IV Patch 7

Gun Bullet Install IV:MP 0.1 T3 client

(You may also need xliveless.dll)

Then run iv:mp client and connect to:



How to play ? - Notices Notices:

- Before connecting, don’t forget to change your name in the settings.

- First attempts to connect often fail, just retry and be patient, files are downloaded to your client when you are frozen to the Statue of Happyness.

- More informations on how to play ivmp:

How to play ? - First attempt First connection:

If the connection is successful, choose a /team and register by typing:

/register <password>

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us.

Or type your question in the in game chat a admin or the Helper can help you.

More informations about “How to play” on our button-forum.

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49 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAY

    • - Use ivmp 0.1 T3 client.
      - Launch it then enter IP in “quick connect”.
      - Connect.
      - WAIT server loading, it can take 1 to 5 minutes the first time…
      - Then you will crash, reconnect and it will be ok (crash only on first connect)
      - Play !

        • Yes first time you connect it freezes because your client is downloading resource files from server.
          Just wait (maybe 2 or 3 minutes, depending of your internet).

          Next connections will be faster, because resources already downloaded.

          See you soon in game :)

  1. IV:MP crashes every time when I am in the server for about 1 minute. I have seen the log , it says the error code was 0XC0000005.Any solutions? Sorry for my bad ENG…

    • IV:MP client is unstable, everyone crashes.
      BUT crashing every minute is not normal.

      1) Clean your GTA, remove every mods (ivmp + mods = bugs)
      2) Lower a little bit graphics settings.
      3) Check your internet connection.

      Good luck, see you soon.

  2. I wanted to join with you guys but I can’t do it.
    I’ve been doin this for 2 days but I failed trying to fix this
    Could you guys tell me whats the prob?
    When I join the server and it says Successfully Join the Server.
    Then it suddenly crashes I hate it everytime I attempt to do it.
    Please help me.

    • 1) clean your GTA (if you added car or texture mods, remove them)
      2) install ivmp
      3) enter IP (“quick connect” button)
      4) when you join server wait files transfer, it could take a few minutes on first connection !

      if 4) makes game crash, its maybe a problem of internet connection and/or ivmp folder properties (“read only” ?)

      (single player mod works good ?)

  3. When the text in chat box appears, which is asking me to choose a team/gang, my game closes, no problems, no freezing, it just closes. As if I hit the close “X” button on the top right corner. BTW I’m playing windowed

  4. hi im an asian n i knew that my ping wud be high bcoz its far away from da server …is it relate to my current prob?
    which is…. whenever i hit F, to enter any vehicle. the game shut down at sudden.

    any ideas?

  5. Bonjours je voudrais vous rejoindre sur votre jolie serveur GTA IV mais je n’arrive pas as lancĂ© IVMP je clique sur LaunchIVMP sa me demande l’autorisation pour Ă©xecuter le fichier je fais accepter et la !! ?? RIen … j’ai besoin d’aide

  6. Hey I want to join your server, but IVMP doesn’t seem to be working…

    Windows 10 x64
    GTAIV Steam downgraded (used the R* patch)
    IVMP installed in game dir
    xliveless dll in place

    When I try to launch IVMP I get a loading icon next to my cursor for ~10 sec, but then nothing happens. I’ve reinstalled the game twice and have tried all kinds of compatibility modes, nothing seems to work, any ideas?

  7. admin north_star, se agata de jucatorii care incearca sa ajute jucatorii noi veniti pe server. acest admin nu este pe server atunci cand trebuie si se oftica pe alti jucatori care incearca sa ii ajute pe altii. acest admini vorbeste urat si se crede proprietarul serverului. imi pare rau dar o sa va fac o reclama rea din aceasta cauza. puneti oameni capabili ca admin.

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