Looking for admins of all nationalities…

Nickname Gang Server IRC Channel Website
GjMan9 France Biker Owner/Scripter Owner Owner/Developer
HcnVTeam France Biker Admin Moderator Editor
EmirTekin Turkey Biker Admin Moderator Editor
Sansiro Iran Cop
Admin - -
Danny86 Netherlands Gangster Admin - -
Mafia6544 Egypt Mafia Admin - -
Herewith Egypt Cop Admin - -
Alpha0098 Iran Cop Admin - -
Nicu Romania Cop Admin - -
TrickyBg Bulgaria Cop Admin - -
JoReaPer United Kingdom Biker Admin - -
Ashish France Jamaican Admin - -

 You want to be admin on CPGW‘s server ? Ask for it on our button-forum.

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86 thoughts on “THE STAFF

    • Why not. Everyone can become admin.
      1) Come everyday.
      2) Help new players to register et to select a team.
      3) Be rich (Own a house, businesses and 4 cars).*

      (*) Money comes quick with /business, /rob and /casino

      • hi gjman my friend we just talk my mother lang admin freeze bann us!!!! why????? you talk france and we dont underestand no problem!!! but we talk persian have problem??? we disslike your some admin we have reason: bad insult us (freeze). bann us for nothing (freeze). when kill him change my skin for lose my weapon and kill me (hcnvteam). when kill him drop me from sky and kill me (freeze). when i want kill him he teleport me and bash my position then kill me (freeze). he do abuse from admin controls (freeze & hcnvteam). your server is perfect i bring my sister and any player but… maybe see us soon. we like you because you are culture we very like you and your server without freeze
        thank you for your attention

        Aylin Virana

        • I’m sorry.
          Maybe that Freeze and HcnVTeam abused from admin power, I don’t know, I will check logs.
          I will be watching them now.
          If they do something wrong again, I will remove their admin level.
          Peace & love iranian friends.

          PS: No problem with persian language, CPGW is international.

        • Hi Aylin and Airyana explanations will be translated into French
          Why? Because i speak little english…
          Il est tend de dĂ©voiler de que tu n’as jamais pu dire…
          Tous commence par la connection de Aylin et sa soeur jusque la rien d’anormal si ce n’est que
          j’ai rĂ© achetĂ© le bisnesse de Aylin “Sexhop” Ayant crash,elle a pue reprendre le sexshop en le rĂ© achetant.Quelque minute plus tard elle crash et de suite je vais rĂ© achetĂ© le bissnesse,ensuite j’enchaine en m’attaquant sur Aylin et ça soeur
          Leurs tensions monte et commence a m’envoyĂ© des insultes,Après plusieurs team kill entre eux et les avoir dit qu’elles Ă©taient stupid,
          Des mots commence a dĂ©filĂ© sur le chat… “Gamin,noob…” Me poussant a aller les voirs,c’est pas la première fois en tous cas.
          Elles sont poursuivi par moi quelques minutes plus tard,je les perds en visuelles quand les 2 recommences a m’envoyĂ© des insultes.
          Après leurs avoir dit d’arreter,elles persistaient sur la meme chose quit a les faires faire une chute de quelques mètres avec une commande
          Admin,ceux la ont rĂ©ussit a survive en tapant la commande “/air” De suite les ai rejoind c’est la ou commence une bataille entre nous 3.
          L’un d’entre eux me tue 2 fois,cette voici je ne me suis laisser faire puis par suite enchainer des kills sur Aylina et sa soeur pour qui s’amusais
          a rejoindre le “/air” pour continuer a m’insulter,c’est la ou GjMan a intervenu les disants de m’ignorer,Loin detre calmĂ©, elles continu encore et encore
          Après leurs avoir dit de se calmĂ©,d autres insultes s en suivre avec meme une insulte envert le fondateur du serveur,sans hĂ©sitation pour en finir je leurs dis,d’accord je suis gamin,
          repersite encore sur ça en rajoutant quelque mots,j’ai crackĂ©, je les ai ban 20sec “C etais juste un avertissement” Elles continues quit dire des chose sur moi en une autre langue a sa pour
          pour faire l interessante,je leurs demande me disant que c est pas mon probleme je leurs dis I dont uderstand10 puis me font un compte a rebourd
          9,8,7…Puis enchaine “Tu parles “France” a t’es amis et nous allons parlĂ© “persian”"
          Puis reflood dans le canal,je me suis donner l obligation de les ban 1000sec pour les calmées.
          HncVTeam n’avait rien a voir dedans puisque sa prĂ©sence ne fut que l’afk
          Sur ce,je refuse de prĂ©senter mes excuses et a prendre un section donner,je ne peut tolorer le manque de respect que ces 2 m’ont offert Gratuitement…Voici ma version des faits


      • Hello,i am Crazy Mario,well i didnt thinking to ask for admin,but i see evry day that newbies coming,so if you need help,i am here,and i want to say here,thank you for creating this great server,i will try to support it with cash,and calling people to join us.

    • Hi Dear GJman. I’m Ariyana. Ben took me for what? Because I typed Persian? Really. Sorry for such a good server administrators are also there.Of course I did not tell you that the person you’ve always treated me well, but some of the admin server and the rest of the bin they just throw Bldnd cotton.

      • Peace honey.
        I was away from keyboard, I didn’t saw what happened.
        I do my best to make players happy.
        Maybe some admins abused… I don’t know, I will check logs.

  1. Big thanks for all the help getting to know my way around the map and commands. You are a good group of people. See you on the server, if my god damn game would stop crashing every hour it would be more fun.

  2. Hey Bro GjMan ^_^ Greeting

    Am from indonesia If ya lookin For Admin i ill be the first wanna be a ADMIN

    am not so Expert About IV:MP But i have a little experience. in SA:MP im an Scripter And i have some admin skill coz am a admin in SA:MP Roleplay Server

    Before the server SHUTDOWN

    I tell to my friend to Play IV:MP And i look your server

    your server is AWESOME ^_^

    if any admin SLOT Opened Ya can Tell me


  3. IGN : Austro
    Age : 18
    Country : Egypt
    Why do you want to be admin ? : actually i decide to be admin to help the people and if there is any cheater stop him/her .. i’m online about 15 hours everyday or more and i can stay 2 days online i have experience with administrator team before i’m not just begginer i know server commands and if there is anything i don’t know it i’m learning so fat
    why should we accept you ? : actually ill do my best for our community

  4. GjMan9, Hi.
    I can´t be in the server all the time but i could be admin for portuguese or spanish.
    If you hould like of course!
    My name in gtaivmp is Mybadjoh… (you know what comes next! -i think- )
    Bye and keep the good work of helping players how to play online (including me)
    (srry for my bad english)

    • Hi,
      I saw you on server sometimes, you seem to be a nice player.
      We could talk about your admin promotion next time we will meet in game.
      See you soon dude.

  5. Hi, GjMan9. I hawe 5 bussines, 4 cars and i’m FBI!!! Finaly :) Now server offline :( I’m from Lithuania.. in your server alot of players from my contry and why miss you in game :/ Hope u give my admin. ;)

    • Just try again and be patient, first time your pc is downloading files from server and it makes unstability. It will be faster and safer on next connection.

  6. IGN : Sanox
    Age : 18
    Country : Isreal
    Why do you want to be admin ? : I want help and give up this a server cuz i love this and I have extensive experience I play More than two years i am Adult i am Very active i can Order So Match People I Can Post the server in the skype/facebook/youtube
    why should we accept you ? : Because I am can to help A lot Of This A Server.

  7. Hello i want to be a admin in your server and that its my Details:

    Name in the server : aMasor

    real name : Gil

    Age : 17


    Why i want to be a admin and why i need to be a admin ?: beacuse i want to help for players , i know a match commands for admin , i have a car , 4498 cannabis and a 49 cocaine , i a FBI :D , and i play a match time in your server

  8. IGN : Delfuego
    Age : 18
    Country : Portugal
    Why do you want to be admin ? : I enjoyed being admin, because I like to help on everything to all people, I like to share my opinions, I have great ideas that can help develop increasingly the server, I’m always willing to do and help when they ask me and when I see that someone needs help and I want to help others very admins to develop the server and admin job
    why should we accept you ? :Because I always liked GTA, always been a big fan of this game, always played every GTA that already existed and understand very well this type of games and servers, so liked to accept me for admin server

  9. IGN : JoReaPer
    Real Name: Jo
    Age : 14
    Country : England
    I speak French English and a little bit of spanish.
    Why do you want to be admin ? : Well I want to become an admin because first of all I’m on the server everyday including when some of the admins are asleep which means that this will keep the server above 3 pop. Also I want to become an admin because I have awesome leadership skills and I am always happy to help. I play GTA IV everyday in my spare time and I stay on it for about 3-4 hours. Also I will not abuse my rights if I do become an admin because I think that is just having power for nothing. I have already made friendships with most of the admin and the Helper (who I still believe is a bot). Also I have told my friends in Year 10 and 11 to join this server using nosTEAM and do all of that to make your population increase like it did when the game came out.
    ~Jo(ReaPer). Adminstration Candidate.

    • Hello, I’m server owner, as you already know. I’m french. It’s true that you come on server often, and that you seem to have a nice behaviour in game. I promote you to admin member right now (You can now join Angels of Death Clan if you want it…). You will have to help new players to join a team and to register. Use /adminhelp to show admin commands list.
      We will be watching you to know if you do your job and if you don’t abuse…
      Welcome in the staff !

  10. guys please make me admin its summer break for me so i can log in and play everyday . i can also invite my friends . If i am an admin then the high ping which my friends experience while playin gta4 multiplayer on your server can be reduced .
    I know some code i swear ill help people to register and with other stuff. PLease make me admin you’ll never regret it.

  11. Hello my friend gjman9 I am applying for a admin from India that means from Asia I can speak English well and I am well versed with the server I know almost all the cmds and I am online for a sufficiently long time I have helped our player with getting along well and I have become rich I own 5 businesses I have team safe house access 1 vehicle ( I will increase it to 4 by tomorrow )I have all the licenses except private property one (I will buy it tomorrow) I am rich you can keep a watch over me .I wanted to say that I would not be able to be online tomorrow for long time (I have a little bit of work). But I am almost online all the time thanks

  12. Hi guys,
    Sorry for my recent inactivity but it is explainable as I just moved houses and it took time for the internet to come back so in the meantime all I had to play was GTA IV with no-one else! I will be online on the server every 2 days and if you need any questions then come to me straight away as I am always happy to help.
    (Sorry Gjman9 and the other Admins who have been doing such a good job covering me)
    ~JoReaPer (CPGW Administrator)

  13. hi gjman9 this is me Afndenaa plz i want to be admin can you make me admin i love to help people and i will check every day plz man and iam soo sorry about you know i was want to revange from medou soooo sorry to you gjman9 the server creator and the helper

  14. I think I`m the newest member in the staff team.
    I have 2 houses, 4 cars and 5 business that always gets sold to someone :p
    Most importantly I have 13kg weed.
    I`m a basic server scripter as well.

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