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A robot, Linker, copies in-game activity on this channel (Join, Part, Kills and Chat)

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12 thoughts on “IRC

  1. Emir Tekin this post about IRC is not a bad idea, but I would prefer that you asked me before posting or editing a page :)
    Also, it would be cool if you could stay online on IRC, install mIRC or Xchat :)

  2. Yoo GjMan9

    Its me, DarkPower202 from YouTube? (Police Chase Script)
    How do you play audios on T3? Is there any audio modules?
    I can’t find em online and i really need it, also i need the moveObject() function :D

    Thanks mate!

    • There is no audio function on T3. You can’t play mp3. (Use Team Speak or Skype for audio chat).
      Also, there is no moveObject() function on T3.

  3. admin north_star, hang on to players trying to help new players come to the server. this admin is not on the server when it needs and wins on other players trying to help others. this admin speaks badly and believes the server owner. I’m sorry but I’m going to make you a bad promotion for this. put people as capable as admin.

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