Housing17 properties can be bought or sold (from 30 000 $ to 3 000 000 $). You can buy a already owned property if the owner is not online (of course the owner recover his money), but you will have to pay 100$ more. Therefore, properties prices increase continuously. Every months, there will be a housing crisis and prices will be set to their original value.
A property /license (called P license) is needed to buy a property. Licenses are sold by Dwayne at the /townhall.
Each player can’t own more than 2 properties.
- Commands: /houseBUY /houseENTER /houseEXIT
- Color System: Properties blips on the map are the color of the team of the owner, it shows housing territory gangs domination.
- Notice: Some properties remains owned by the same team (Example: Little Jacob’s Flat can only be owned by a Jamaican)


Housing pageHOUSE LIST:
ID Name Category Original Owner Price (k$) Garage Interior Music Door Locked
1 Pegorino’s House Pegorino 3 000  Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Big Horn I House Helper 2 500  Yes No No Yes
3 Big Horn II House Helper 2 500  Yes No No Yes
4 Apple White Flat Helper 100  No Yes No No
5 Uranium Street Flat Helper 50  No Yes Yes No
6 Welcome To Hell Flat Helper 40 No Yes Yes No
7 Cannabis Room Flat L Jacob 30 No Yes No Yes
8 South Bohan Flat Helper 100 No Yes Yes No
9 Medows Park Flat Helper 60 No Yes Yes No
10 Optometrist Flat Helper 80 No Yes No No
11 Black Sea Flat Helper 10 No Yes Yes No
12 Extreme South House Helper 1 250 No Yes No Yes
13 Brucie’s Flat Brucie 200 No Yes No Yes
14 Elizabeta’s Flat Elizabeta 100 No Yes Yes Yes
15 L. Jacob’s Flat L Jacob 70 No Yes Yes Yes
16 McReary’s Flat McReary 170 No Yes No Yes
17 Michelle’s Flat Michelle 100 No Yes No Yes
Housing pageSCREEN SHOTS::
ID Name Screen Shots
1 Pegorino’s House Pegorino's 1Pegorino's 2
2 Big Horn I  Big horn1 1BigHorn1 2
3 Big Horn II BigHorn2 1BigHorn2 2
4 Apple White  Apple white 2Apple white 1
5 Uranium Street  Uranium street 2Uranium street
6 Welcome To Hell  WelcomeToHell1WelcomeToHell2
7 Cannabis Room  CannabisRoom1Cannabis room2
8 South Bohan  South bohanSouth bohan 3
9 Medows Park  Meadows park 1Meadows park 2
10 Optometrist  Optometrist1Optometrist2
11 Black Sea  BlackSea1BlackSea2
12 Extreme South  Extreme S 1Extreme S 2
13 Brucie’s Home BruciesBrucies 2
14 Elizabeta’s Home  Elizabeta'sElizabeta's 2
15 L. Jacob’s Home  LittleJackob'sLittleJacob's 2
16 McReary’s Home  Mcreary1McReary's
17 Michelle’s Home  MichellesMichelles2


Housing pageVIDEOS:
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