DrugsThis is an essential feature of GANG Wars: drugs traffic.

Cocaine and Cannabis can be used as health boost in particular conditions.

Only Jamaicans and Drug-Dealers can buy wholesale Cannabis and Cocaine to mysterious “Drug Lords”.

But all players can buy drugs in small quantities to Jamaicans or Drug-Dealers, for street prices.

Drugs page PRICES:

Street: 10g of cannabis (sold by a Jamaican) cost 50$, 1g of cocaine (sold by a Drug-Dealer) cost 50$.

Drug-Lords: 500g of cannabis (sold by a Cannabis Drug-Lord at the Weed Farm) cost 1250$, 50g of cocaine (sold by a Drug-Dealer at the Abandoned House) cost 1250$.

Drugs page EFFECTS:

Cannabis increases health from 50% after 30sec, Cocaine increases health of 30% instantly.


Drugs page COMMANDS:

Drugs commands: look /drugs in-game help messages or this two pages:

Cannabis Cocaine
Cannabis Cocaine

Drugs page MORE:

Drug Lords live in secret locations: Cannabis Drug-Lords grow weeds in a farm near the sea… and Cocaine Drug-Lords are hidden in a old abandoned house…

But, be carefull, when you will buy drugs, cops will be aware and you will be wanted !

Drugs page VIDEOS:

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