Cocaine Street Prices: 1g of cocaine cost 50$

–> Commands:

To buy /cocaineBUY <dealerID> <amount> (amount in g)

To use /cocaine

–> Effetcs:

Cocaine increases health from 30% instantly. Usefull when fighting.

–> Special commands for Drug-Dealers:

Drug-Dealers are supplied with cocaine among “Cocaine Drug-Lords” to have cheaper prices (half price) than in the street and make drug business.

1) Find Cocaine Drug-Lords abandoned house.

2) Use /cocaineBUY drugLords <amount> (amount in 50g packets)

3) Escape the police chasing you.

4) Use /cocaineSELL <playerID> <amount> (amount in g) to sell your cocaine in the streets to all players.


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