Francis International Airport

Airport StuntsFrancis International Airport is a free stunts area, completely different from the rest of the map.

Here no gang wars, no business, just stunts for free.

In this area (and only there !) you can spawn a car for free, using /v <vehicleID>. Of course the S license is still needed for sport cars…

<vehicleID> is a number between 1 and 110. The vehicle IDs list is available on IV:MP Wiki.

The vehicles you will spawn there for free can only be driven inside Francis Airport Area.


Some random screenshots of this modded area:

Francis_Airport-1-Day Francis_Airport-1-Night Francis_Airport-2-Day Francis_Airport-2-Night Francis_Airport-3-Day Francis_Airport-3-Night

Airport Stunts GTA4VIDEO:

Here a video of free ride at airport freeroam area.



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