GTA V Multiplayer (MultiV)


MULTIV is a free to play unofficial multiplayer modification for the massively popular game series Grand Theft Auto, specifically GTA V.

EDIT: Sorry but MULTIV mod is currently dead, development seems to be definitively stopped. We hope that some new developers will restart this promising project.


End of an Era

(Yes, mod ded)

Firstly, we apologize for the lack of information lately, the whole team has been very busy.

Sadly, after various discussions, we have taken the hard decision to discontinue our work on MULTIV.

This was not an easy decision to make, however the development team has a lot less time now for various reasons (e.g. work, school). Additionally the recent goings on in the GTA modding scene with Rockstar are undesirable. Currently Rockstar are actively fighting against/banning developers (see FiveM) based on the grounds that they “cause/support piracy” and that is something we do not want to engage in.

Additionally, whilst Rockstar are currently not banning users who use multiplayer mods outside of GTA: Online, this may be a future step for them – and that is something we definitely do not want to be responsible for (you guys getting banned).

This is of course something which Rockstar will not budge on – and rightfully so, they have to protect their own interests and those of their player base. Regardless of what some projects may claim, no multiplayer modification is currently (or will be in the future) supported, endorsed or “given a free pass” in any way, shape or form by Rockstar (however active interest in protecting GTA V may decrease after GTA VI releases).

We have never endorsed piracy, infact we encouraged the buying of the game. GTA V is a great experience on all platforms and should be experienced by all.

We had a great time being able to develop something which you guys enjoyed playing and we are extremely grateful for your continued support throughout the development process and for your activity in the community.

You may keep in touch with us if you wish via IRC (#MULTIV on GTANet) or Email (, however do not expect any future releases or development progress.

We recommend you check out GTA:Online or FiveM to fulfil your multiplayer needs.


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For more informations about Grand Theft Auto V PC, please visit our GTA V button-forum.

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