GTA IV:MP – Squirrel Scripting

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17 thoughts on “GTA IV:MP – Squirrel Scripting

  1. Hello I`m a current basic server scripter, I`m limited by syntax, parameters and examples, that before wiki died it had all of it.
    So when using a function I cannot script correctly since I end up using wrong parametes.
    Any help is appreciated :)

  2. I want to make a private server for myself and friends, but I don`t know how to script everything up. There are many tutorials for SAMP, but none work on IVMP aswell. I`m currently trying to make a login/register system, but it just gives me big anger problems every time I try to do it.

    I would appreciate if someone could help me with this.

  3. Looked at that wiki , but oh well i didn’t really understand how to use the parameters. I guess I probably need a guide on Squirrel language, although i know basic knowledge of C++ and Squirrel appears as if it has the same syntax of C++ :D If you have any pdf sort of material or anything else it would be great if you’d add it here or on the Forum.

    • Yes syntax is not far from c++ syntax.

      You have to understand that scripting a server is just running some functions on some server events.

      Example: “on player spawn” event, run a function like “giveplayerhisweapons” (this function doesn’t exist but you can create it)

  4. IV_MP’s wiki is long dead, and the fake one has barely any mentioned parameters. I’m looking out to make a login/register system which actually returns you the password, level, or etc. I guess that’s only possible with XML. But I can’t create nodes in an empty XML file. Is there anyway to do It?

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