Location: Little Seoul
About: A small but feisty group in a section of Little Seoul. Not much is known about them but their membership and tiny territory don’t give them much to stand on.

★ Description

They can be only found on Ginger Street in Little Seoul, usually by the apartment complex across the street from the car wash/convenience store. They’re also found in Blaine County hanging out with the O’Neils.

The name Kkangpae literally translates into “Thug” in Korean language, and usually refers to unorganized street gangs, like the group depicted in-game. Like most gangs, they will become hostile and shoot if the player hangs around too close.

Their members, just like the Los Santos Triads, are formed by both young and elderly gangsters, and they’re usually equipped with knives or pistols if they’re encountered in their turf. When the player face them in the missions, they’re armed mainly with Micro SMG’s and shotguns. They’re involved in credit fraud, car theft, extortion and robberies.

★ Events of GTA Online

During the events of GTA Online, the Kkangpae makes an appearance during the heist setup mission, Fleeca Job – Kuruma, they will be guarding an armored Kuruma in a parking lot in Del Perro, that the GTA Online Protagonist must steal to use as an getaway vehicle during The Fleeca Job. The Kkangpae will attack the player in the Fugitives.

They later appear, again in a heist setup, in the Prison Break – Station mission. They are trying to export Rashkovsky’s Casco out of the country. The player must invade their ship in the Port of Los Santos and retrieve the vehicle.

★ Events of GTA V

The Kkangpae do not play any important role in the main story of the game, however, they sometimes attack the The Hen House business in Paleto Bay whether it belongs to Michael, Franklin, or Trevor.

★ Mission Appearances

GTA Online Heists
  • Fleeca Job – Kuruma
  • Prison Break – Station
  • Slow and Low

★ Other gangs in Grand Theft Auto V

You can play online with all these gangs on Los Santos GANG Wars server !

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