Cops Gang

Cops Headquarter is located in the North West of Central Park. Cops Gang is the blue team, with blue vehicles. If it is the first time that you connect to CPGW server, use /c command to join this team.

Cops screenshot 1

Cops 1

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Cops 2

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Cops 3


Cops Gang



- Arrest a criminal (wanted player): /arrest <playerID>

You can arrest a player if 1) player is wanted 2) distance between you and the criminal is smaller then 3.5 m.

Players are wanted when they try to rob the Bank or when they kill an other player or a cop. Wanted players are yellow. Wanted players list is available by pressing TAB key.

- Teleport to cops Headquarter: /hq

Cops Headquarter is the location where all cops spawn. You will find here a wise choice of police vehicles (blue vehicles).

- Teleport to LCPD: /lcpd

Players which are breaking the /rules are teleported automatically at the LCPD to be jailed or to pay a ticket.

- Cops walkie talkie channel: /tpm <message>

With this command your message is only visible by cops.




Bellow, images of the available cop skins at /modo clothes shop.



Cops GangMORE…


- Arrests:

Cops can /arrest or kill wanted players (murderers or bank robbers) and win money for this: 100$ for a level 1 wanted player, 200$ for level 2, 400$ for a level 3, 800$ for a level 4 etc…

Bellow, a video (by im50yearsold) showing how to arrest a player:

- FBI promotion:

Best cops are promoted to FBI. An officer has to arrest twenty criminals to be promoted.

FBI agents are somehow super cops. They spawn at the FBI Office, in the center of the city and can drive private black Buffalo cars.






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