Giant Half-Pipe

GTA IV Giant HalfpipeCentral Park GANG Wars Giant Halfpipe is a huge Halfpipe for bikes.

You can do it with a Sanchez, a PCJ 600 or a Faggio.

It consists of two half pipes (East and West) separated from tens of meters. Tranfers from one to the other is possible if your speed is high enough.


You can teleport to this bike stunt area using /halfpipe command in any Taxi.


GTA 4 Giant Halfpipe HOW TO PLAY ?

You have to pass threw 4 checkpoints to win money.

East Halfpipe: (Easy)

  • 1st checkpoint:    5$         Height: 73m
  • 2nd checkpoint: 10$         Height: 75m

West Halfpipe: (Harder)

  • 3rd checkpoint: 20$        Height: 80m
  • 4th checkpoint: 40$        Height: 79m


GTA IV Multiplayer - Giant Halfpipe VIDEOS:

Here you will find some videos of this awesome bike stunt area:



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