Drug Dealers Gang

Drug-Dealers Headquarter is located in the South West of Central Park. Drug-Dealers Gang is the white team, with white vehicles. If it is the first time that you connect to CPGW server, use /d command to join this gang.

Drug Dealers screenshot 1

Drug-Dealers 1

Drug-Dealers screenshot 2

Drug-Dealers 2

Drug-Dealers screenshot 3

Drug-Dealers 3


Drug-Dealers GangGANG FEATURES:

Drug-Dealers have monopoly on /cocaine business. It is the only one gang allowed to sell cocaine. Drug-Dealers can meet Cocaine Drug-Lords and buy them big amount of cocaine packets for very low prices.

Use /hq in a taxi to go back to Drug-Dealers Headquarter, where you will find (white) vehicles owned by your team.

Drug-Dealers walkie talkie channel: /tpm <message> With this command your message is only visible by your Drug-Dealers team mates.


Bellow, images of the available Drug-Dealer skins at /modo clothes shop.


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