Gangsters Gang

Gangsters Headquarter is located in the East of Central Park. Gangsters Gang is the red team, with red vehicles. If it is the first time that you connect to CPGW server, use /g command to join this gang.

Gangsters screenshot 1

Gangsters 1

Gangsters screenshot 2

Gangsters 2

Gangsters screenshot 3

Gangsters 3

Gangsters GangGANG FEATURES:

Use /hq in a taxi to go back to Gangsters Headquarter, where you will find (red) vehicles owned by your team.

Gangsters walkie talkie channel: /tpm <message> With this command your message is only visible by your Gangster team mates.


Bellow, images of the available Gangster skins at /modo clothes shop.


Gangsters GangSOME VIDEOS:


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