Big Jump

big jumpCentral Park GANG Wars Big Jump is a very hard stunt over Central Park.

You can do it with a spawned car, with a NRG 900 or an Infernus.


This stunt begins at an altitude of 343 meters above the ground, on top of Empire State Building.

You can teleport there using /bigjump command in any Taxi. (Or use an aircraft)

big jump HOW TO PLAY ?

You have to pass threw 4 checkpoints (and a loop).

  • First checkpoint (Checkpoint n°1):      60$       Height: 272m
  • Second checkpoint (Checkpoint n°2): 30$       Height: 147m
  • Third checkpoint (Checkpoint n°3):   150$       Height: 101m
  • Fourth checkpoint (Checkpoint n°4): 300$       Height: 96m    (FINISH !)

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