Bike Race (PCJ 600)

bike raceCentral Park GANG Wars Bike Race is a PCJ 600 race on a short 3 laps track.

Nitrogen speed boost is allowed. You can buy /nitro refills in /payNspray garages.


You can teleport to Central Park Bike Race using /bikerace command in any Taxi. (Or go there by your own means)

bike race HOW TO PLAY ?

Teleport to bike race using /bikerace. Wait a player to join the race (you can’t race alone). Then bike race will start in 30 sec, get ready ! 3 laps to go !

  • First: . . . .300$
  • Second: . 200$
  • Third: . . .100$


bike race VIDEOS:

Some videos of this funny PCJ 600 race:



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