23 business can be bought or sold (from 3 500 $ to 20 000 $). You can buy a already owned business if the owner is not online (of course the owner recover his money), but you will have to pay 100$ more. Therefore, business prices increase continuously. Every months, there will be a business crisis and prices will be set to their original value.

Every 20 minutes you will get a Business pay day equal to 10% of all owned business price value.

Each player can’t own more than 5 business.

- Commands: /businessBUY /businessENTER /businessEXIT

- Color System:
Business blips on the map are the color of the team of the owner, it shows business gangs domination.

- Notice:
Some business remains owned by the same team (Example: Homebrew Cafe can only be owned by a Jamaican)

Business pageSCREEN SHOTS:

Business team statistics are shown regularly, as you can see in the chat box of this screenshot:

Business pageBUSINESS LIST:
ID Name Category Original Owner Price (Invest) Profits /20 min
 1Blips_StripClub-66 Sexshop Shop Helper 4000$ 400$
 2Blips_Cluckinbell-22 Cluckin’Bell Restaurant TheChicken 3500$ 350$
 3Blips_PayNSpray-75 Pay’N'Spray Nth Garage Helper 5000$ 500$
 4Blips_PayNSpray-75 Pay’N'Spray Sth Garage Helper 5000$ 500$
 5Blips_Burgershot-21 Burger Shot Nth Restaurant BurgerMan 3500$ 350$
 6Blips_Burgershot-21 Burger Shot Sth Restaurant BurgerMan 3500$ 350$
 7Blips_Bar-47 SuperStar Cafe Nth Bar Helper 3800$ 380$
 8Blips_Bar-47 SuperStar Cafe Sth Bar Helper 3800$ 380$
 9Blips_Clothes-50 Modo Shop Helper 4000$ 400$
10Blips_Clothes-50 Perseus Shop Helper 7000$ 700$
11Blips_Bar-47 Homebrew Cafe Bar L Jacob 8000$ 800$
12Blips_Cabaret-71 Perestroika Cabaret Nico Bellic 10000$ 1000$
13Blips_StripClub-66 Honkers Strip Club Helper 10000$ 1000$
14Blips_-Casino-87 Lucky 777 Casino T Montana 20000$ 2000$
15Blips_Dump-53 Dump Business Helper 5000$ 500$
16Blips_Garage-79 Grotti Car Shop Brucie 15000$ 1500$
17Blips_Garage-79 Auto Eroticar Car Shop P Escobar 12000$ 1200$
18Blips_Restaurant-57 Drucilla Pizzeria Drucilla 13000$ 1300$
19Blips_Burgershot-21 Burger Shot 777 Restaurant BurgerMan 3500$ 350$
20Blips_Burgershot-21 Burger Shot West Restaurant BurgerMan 3500$ 350$
21Blips_Burgershot-21 Burger Shot L. Jacob Restaurant BurgerMan 3500$ 350$
22Blips_Burgershot-21 Burger Shot Nth East Restaurant BurgerMan 3500$ 350$
23Blips_Burgershot-21 Burger Shot Triangle Restaurant BurgerMan 3500$ 350$


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4 thoughts on “Business

    • This array shows original prices, each time a store is bought its price increases from 100$.
      If sexshop price is 4700$, it means that, this month, 7 players bought it. (original price is 4000$)

      Each month a business crise sets prices to original values.

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