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Author:  alexjfriesen [ Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Staff Application - 1 PER PERSON


GTA: IV Multiplayer Moderator Applications

Hello there,
as you seem interested in applying for a moderator position on our server we would like to remind you about important topics, requirements and objectives that we have. The job of a staff member is not as easy as you might think and does require a lot of time and patience in-game and of course on forums. Before applying make sure you have read all provided information material to ensure you can fill the requirements during your application process until you are either accepted or denied.
We wish you good luck in proofing that you are the person we're searching for!

Kind regards,
The CPGW Management

Moderator Application Status: Open

You're profile

You should be a friendly and patient player
You should be aware of our rules
You should be a helpful and guiding mentor
You should have a proper knowledge of the English language
You can be able to be for at least 7 hours a week in-game
You are a team-worker
You are able to decide fast and correctly

Remember once you applied we are watching you closely for your behavior and skills. Do not start to push Managers or Staff members about your application to fast up the process of being accepted, it will only result into a denial and a ban from applying for about 1 year.

Last but not least we just need to say that you should have patience and fun while playing on our server. Don't forget to report rulebreakers to our online staff members.
Good luck!

Now you are ready to apply to become a moderator, please copy and paste the application form below into a new topic in this forum board with you're nickname as subject. Fill out the form with your details as seen in the quote.


GTA: IV Multiplayer - Moderator Application

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Average activity:
Reason for your application:
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Author:  ashish [ Sun Mar 12, 2017 9:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Staff Application - 1 PER PERSON

Hey, can you edit that piece of info up there?
Make it
Now apply for Admin in this forum under the Staff Sectionwith your Nickname and Post you're applying for as the topic.
If you think that would be more informative edit that.
I guess it would be easier to if all the Staff applications would be posted under Staff Section :D

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